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About Us

Committed to the Well-Being of the Community

Face to Face Mental Health Services (FFMHS) is a Florida accredited mental health center. Face To Face Mental Health Services offers a variety of programs that are designed for the support and recovery of patients who utilize our facility. We seek to enhance the quality of life of our clients by reducing the symptoms of mental illness. Our qualified staff also fosters community integration for our patients. We want each of our clients to be able to live successfully in their societies. This includes having healthy relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Healthy living also entails being able to maintain a home and employment while positively contributing to their community.

Face to Face Mental Health Services provides a variety of specialized social and mental health services for the purpose of fostering and maintaining behavioral and physical health. We also offer courses and therapy that encourage social, spiritual and educational services.

We are located in Miami Dade County. Our professional staff includes clinical social workers, mental health counselors, ARPNs, psychiatrists, community behavioral health case manager supervisors and community behavioral health case managers.

Our Treatment Philosophy:

At Face to Face Mental Health Services, we are committed to providing the best care possible. We are an ethically sound company and provide services to clients with no regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, creed, or national origin. Our professionals offer the resources our patients need in a culturally sensitive manner.

Our mental health unit professionals assess and manage the mental health needs of members of our community. We offer a variety of modalities including: psychiatric evaluation, medication management, psychosocial rehabilitation, group therapy, psychotherapy and individual counseling, marriage and family therapy, and targeted case management services.

It is our belief that patients are best served when they receive a combination of physical, mental health and social services. We provide these services as a comprehensive system to foster the well-being of our clients. We know that in order to properly treat mental health, treatment has to go beyond physician appointments.

While we do monitor the medication that patients take and make recommendations for medication adjustments as needed, we know that the mastering of life skills is also essential. We assist clients in finding the tools and tactics that are necessary for relating to others in a positive and effective manner. We want each of our patients to have a sense of purpose and to discover this purpose while taking advantage of our services. We understand that treatment for mental illness can be multi-faceted. This is why we give clients as much control as possible in their own healing process. This allows patients to discover their talents and abilities, which bring about a new appreciation for life and commitment to wellness.

Our Mission:

To promote individual wellness and family stability by compassionately serving their mental health, addiction, physical health and community support needs.

Our Vision:

Face to Face Mental Health Services strives to be a national leader in providing an accessible, culturally responsive, integrated and best practice-based system to support families, children and adults in achieving their goals.

Our Values:

We accomplish our mission by constantly improving. We know that continuously finding ways to make our services better is imperative to better serve our clients. We focus on market responsiveness and regulatory compliance by exhibiting our core values: acceptance, respect, empowerment, compassion, quality, growth, responsibility, cultural competence and community.