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Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Learning how to make new friends or get acclimated to a new workplace are milestones most everyone experiences. Other social situations, such as asking someone on a date or knowing how to interact with others at the holiday party are also common scenarios that can sometimes be challenging. Those with mental illness may be more nervous or reserved in these and other social situations, or may avoid them altogether.

Psychosocial rehabilitation promotes personal recovery and encourages patients to develop and/or restore necessary life skills. We are committed to helping patients improve their quality of life and provide community resources that will help clients achieve their mental and physical goals.

The rehabilitation program is designed to ensure that individuals with mental illness are able to live independent, fulfilling lives. We also understand that different individuals have different educational, vocational and social goals and preferences. This is why we seek to prepare our clients to live healthy, well-rounded lives in the environments of their choice.

Counselors offer a curriculum based on research and proven effectiveness. Daily topics are incorporated into the program for the purpose of educating and engaging our patients. The Psychosocial Rehabilitation program operates Monday through Friday, from 8am until 4:30pm. We provide complimentary transportation to and from our facility for the program, as well as freshly-made, nutritious meals.

Psychiatric Evaluation

In order for our staff to accurately and effectively meet the needs of our clients, a psychiatric evaluation is necessary. The evaluation allows us to gather pertinent information about the clients, including present issues or challenges and specific mental health symptoms. We also take a detailed look at the client’s family relationships, physical and mental health history. We will also evaluate additional information that will help us better serve our clients.

The evaluation is performed in order to properly diagnose behavioral and emotional disorders, as well as developmental conditions and mental disorders. Once the evaluation is complete, one of our medical practitioners will provide clients with details of their diagnosis. We will also provide options for treatment, which may include medication management as necessary.

Medication Management

Medication management entails using prescribed psychotropic medication for the treatment of various psychiatric illnesses. Medication is prescribed using the most reliable protocols, based on research and evidence of effectiveness. We establish our protocols in coordination with the professional services, therapists and treatments provided at Face to Face Mental Health Services. With medication management, our medical staff is able to monitor medication and treatment, which minimizes harmful side effects. We work to make adjustments to medications and dosages as needed, and assist patients in renewing their medication.

We understand that incorporating medication into a treatment routine can be challenging for some of our clients. It often takes the body time to adjust to new substances, and patients should be aware of the mental and physical side effects that some medications may cause. It may also be necessary to recommend lifestyle adjustments to increase the safety and effectiveness of the medication. Managing medication is vital for patients who are taking more than one prescribed treatment to ensure that the medications do not have a negative reaction with one another.

Targeted Case Management

Our case managers are an integral part of the clinical management team here at Face To Face Mental Health Services. Our professional team provides clinical support as we collaborate with fellow professionals involved in client care. We work with our clients’ primary care physicians, as well as their family members, therapists and psychiatrists. Case management focuses on client progress, and helps to monitor their development as they embark on the journey toward mental stability. We also want to give clients the tools they need to facilitate recovery in their homes, between doctor and therapy visits.

Our staff makes home visits to assist with specific challenges concerning housing, mental health, substance abuse, medical care and legal matters.

Our home visits may also include discussing ways that our patients can find and maintain gainful employment or utilize financial resources to which they are entitled. We specialize in everything from crisis intervention to helping clients maintain a healthy daily lifestyle.

We are community advocates for our patients. We want all our clients to achieve success in all areas of life, and strive to ensure that our clients can get the most from their learning and educational pursuits. Once clients are eligible for employment opportunities and want to explore a variety of social settings, we have the tools necessary to help them thrive in these areas as well.


Our outpatient clients will meet with an intake clinician for a detailed assessment. The clinician will gather pertinent details to provide a detailed assessment. During the interview process, the clinician will take a thorough look at current issues the patient is experiencing. This includes learning the psychosocial history of the patient and their current or previous use of substances. The intake clinician also evaluates the medical history of the client and determines the strength of the client’s current support system, while addressing specific needs or concerns. This is the time when the role of the clinician will be clarified concerning the specific case of the client. The assessment will include any psychiatric evaluation recommendations, case management strategies and medication services.

Once the assessment is complete, the clinician will schedule a therapist appointment for the client within one week. The purpose of this is to provide ongoing treatment for the client and to give the client a safe space to discuss the various facets of his/her treatment plan. We want our clients to play an active role in their care, because we believe that when clients feel valued, they will be more likely to continue with the recommendations and medications that will help them to get the most out of every aspect of life.

Psychotherapy & Individual Counseling

Our clients are provided with individual psychotherapy by our team of Master Level Clinicians. Our clinicians use a number of therapeutic methods to assist our patients in meeting their needs. We offer cognitive behavioral therapy, which is useful for helping clients understand the motivation behind their behavior and the strategies they can implement for behavioral improvement. We also use a range of client-centered techniques so that the treatment offered will be completely customized depending on the client’s needs, goals and specific mental illness. Trauma-based therapy is also part of our treatment program, because we understand that there are instances in which traumatic events can lead to mental illness. We give clients the tools for coping with trauma in a healthy way that shows them how to continue living productive lives. At Face To Face Mental Health Services, LLC, we provide a number of holistic solutions for mental health as well. We know that treating mental illness is a matter of treating the cause of the illness and not just the symptoms. Our staff also understands that it is important to show patients how to treat their mental health conditions in their everyday lives. This may include offering dietary or nutritional recommendations that will supply the body and mind with the necessary nutrients for proper function. There are also certain activities, such as spending time with trusted friends and family members and exercising that can improve mental health conditions.

The main role of our clinicians is to help create a safe environment so that clients feel free to express themselves and explore their various problems, while empowering them by providing insight. We help clients develop new and effective methods for coping with stress and help them improve their mental state one step at a time. During the therapeutic process, individuals become more self-aware, and feelings of positive self-image increase, which helps to provide the tactics they need to handle any future challenges.

Group Therapy

Sometimes it helps to discuss problems, fears and concerns in a supportive group of people who truly understand. Our Master Level Clinicians also facilitate group therapy. This type of treatment entails clients targeting a variety of topics in a group setting. Each group will elaborate on certain concepts and modalities while in the presence of people who can both sympathize and empathize with them.

We want our clients to feel comfortable discussing the things that may be perplexing them and inhibiting the healing process, and are here to provide support, comfort and insight while helping the clients to achieve resolution. Group therapy is a way to encourage positive change and provides various opportunities for mental and emotional growth.

During these therapy sessions, our therapists will target specific issues including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Mood Disorders
  • Grief & Loss
  • Schizophrenia
  • Anger/Rage issues
  • Chronic pain
  • Trauma-related issues

These therapy sessions allow clients to bring their varied experiences to the group. The therapy group can also serve as a source of support and other clients may be able to offer new strategies for stress management and self-discovery.

Marriage and Family Therapy

The family unit has different meanings to different people. Family dynamics determine our interpretation of life, our behaviors and habits, and the way we interact with others. Being part of a family gives us a sense of belonging and can make us feel loved and supported. A person’s family history can also explain certain trauma, genetic disposition and mental disorders.

Face to Face Mental Health Services is also committed to providing community mental health in the form of marriage and family therapy. Our professionals provide therapeutic tools that help couples and families resolve marital issues and navigate through children’s behavioral problems. We also help families to communicate in a more effective manner. Our therapists can also assist those who have been affected by domestic violence.

We also deal with other issues that can have a profound effect on everyone in the family, including infertility, anxiety and depression.

Marriage and Family Therapy is a process that is not just for the individual requesting the services. Through this therapy, family members learn about the relationship dynamics that are both helpful and harmful for a relative suffering from mental illness. Clinicians will gather necessary information about any concerns the family may have. Our professional team also identifies problems within family relationships and observes the way that each family member behaves. It is also the job of the clinician to establish what the family’s goals and objectives are as far as therapy is concerned. Every member of the family attending therapy sessions will be given a role to play in terms of identifying issues and seeking to correct them, so that therapy sessions will be effective.

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